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Free Calls from an iPod Touch or iPhone 


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Free Calls from an iPod Touch 

or iPhone 

Written By: Nick 


In this tutorial, you will learn step by step, how to make free calls and text messages to any 
phone in the United States. This will not cost any money, and is completely legal! 

This isn't like Skype, where its free only for users. 

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Free Calls from an iPod Touch or iPhone 

Step 1 — Free Calls from an iPod Touch or iPhone 

Q google voice 

i Search o free > 

2511 Ratings 

Google Voice 

m x k 3487 Ratings 


i "^ jg Google Translate free > 

■^jj^_fl 4646 Ratings 

f - TaHcMeJM, Ine 

^7 Talkatone- free call... free > 

9 Ratings 
SK Dev Solutions, LLC 

GV Mobile + | The Or... $z.m > 

55 Rati ngs 

Google Voice 

jL V*^ Google Mobile 

IflflflP 3*97 Rmtlng* 

Access your Google Voice account right from ycur 
i Phone- 

Receive push notifications tor new text or 
voicennail messages. 

Send tree text messages to U.S. numbers and 
make international calls at cheap rates. 

Listen to your voieemall. read transcripts and 
manage your Google Voice inbox. 

Display your Google Voice number as caller ID 
whan making calls. 

Call contacts from your iPhone Address Book t 

enter new numbers on the dialpad. 

o f"!® " " 

4r Q, ft® 

• First of all, you will need an ipod touch, iphone or ipad with a microphone(for calling). 

• Next, you will need to go to the app store. Search for an app called Google Voice. 
Download it. 

Step 2 


Starred \j 
History (1) 

Q Voicemail (1) 

@ Text 

Q Received 
Q Missed 

■ number: 




Sign out 


Do not disturb 
Use Click2Call 

ClickSCall: Google will first call your 
phone and then connect your call 











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Page At 

• Once it is downloaded, you will need to open it. It will ask you to make a google 
account(these are free). 

• Then you will choose you phone number and other options. 

• Now you can send texts or calls to anyone in the U.S. for FREE! 

• For more tutorials, visit 

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Free Calls from an iPod Touch or iPhone 

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